The Best Scenic Viewpoints in Halifax

Halifax, the capital city of the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, is the biggest city in the Maritimes with a population of a bit less than 400,000 people. With 19 buildings over 50 meters (164 feet) and a beautiful harbour, Halifax definitely has the best skyline in the Maritimes, so seeing it should be on every visitor’s checklist. To make that easier, we’ve put together a list of the best scenic viewpoints in Halifax.

Woodside Area Regional Park

Woodside Area Regional Park is a park crossed by the Trans Canada Trail in the city of Dartmouth. It is located at a 15-minute drive from Downtown Halifax. By walking on the Trans Canada Trail across the park, you’ll have a nice view of Halifax’s skyline and the harbour. This viewpoint is ideal for hikers or people living in Dartmouth and its surroundings, but can be a bit far for those living on the other side of the harbour.

Angus L. Macdonald Bridge

Another great viewpoint in Halifax is the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge. The bridge, built in 1955, is close to downtown, at a 6-minute drive. The bridge has a pedestrian line, which is interesting for walkers or photographers, as the pedestrian line offers a great view of the harbor and the city due to its elevation. Therefore, it’s a great spot to take a nice shot of the city, but photographers should make sure to visit when it’s not too cloudy or foggy outside for better results. Visit the Halifax Harbour Bridges website for more information.

Angus L. Macdonald Bridge from afar

Ferry Terminal Park

Ferry Terminal Park is a park located in Downtown Dartmouth, on the other side of the Halifax Harbour, at about a 9-minute drive from Downtown Halifax. The park contains benches, a small dock, World Peace Pavilion and its proximity to Dartmouth makes it a perfect spot to have a nice time before or after having a nice meal in the city. It also gives photographers the opportunity to take fantastic photos of the city, as the lookout point offers a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline, the harbour and its boats and the Macdonald Bridge.

View of Halifax’s skyline from near Ferry Terminal Park

Citadel Hill

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is an historic site located in Downtown Halifax. Because the Citadel is elevated and literally next to the city centre and its buildings, Citadel Hill is definitely one of the best scenic viewpoints in Halifax. A beautiful vintage clock building (Old Town Clock) is also located on the hill, so pictures taken there can really stand out from pictures taken at other places in the city. It’s also a great way to combine two activities together, as people could easily stop by the hill after their visit of the Citadel. Make sure to visit the Citadel’s website to find more information about the National Historic Site.

View of the Old Town Clock (on Citadel Hill) with Halifax in the background


Even though Halifax does not compete with cities such as Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary in term of skyline, it still has undoubtedly the biggest cityscape in the Maritimes and, because there are a lot of great scenic spots to see it, there’s no reason not to stop to at least one of these viewpoints during your time in Halifax. Make sure to check out our world’s scenic lookouts map and our other articles to find amazing viewpoints in your area.

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