Trips after trips, we, the founders of Scenic Lookouts, found ourselves spending endless time on Google Maps and on forums trying to find the best view of the city we were visiting. After all this searching, an idea was born. What if every viewpoints of every major city, whether it is a observation deck or a “natural” observatory, could be located from one website easily? This is how the idea of Scenic Lookouts was born.

Our website

Scenic Lookouts offers a map where visitors can easily spot lookouts in the city they are visiting or staying in and find basic information about these spots. The website also offers a blog section where you can see detailed articles about the best views of certain cities, with tips about how to photography and find those spots, if you’re into photography. Whether you’re a tourist who visits a new city, a photographer, someone who’s looking for activities to do, or someone who wants to plan the perfect date, Scenic Lookouts and its map of the best lookouts is perfect for you.