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Whenever I visit a new city, I try to find the best viewpoint this city offers. I often struggled or wasted too much time trying to find a decent viewpoint in the city I was visiting. To make it simpler for others, I decided to create Scenic Lookouts, a website to help people locate lookout spots in the city they are visiting or even living in, so all they have to do is go to the lookout point and enjoy the view and the atmosphere. Explore our world lookouts map and our blog to hopefully find the dream spot to have an awesome time!



Our world map helps the user find the best lookouts in the city he is in. On the map, you can either type your city in the search bar or simply navigate by yourself. Every blue dot on the map is a viewpoint and clicking on one of these blue dots will give you additional information about the viewpoint.


The Scenic Lookouts blog is another great way to discover beautiful viewpoints. Our blog articles describe and rank the best lookout spots of cities you may want to discover. You will also find photography tips and more tips on how to find a scenic viewpoint in your city or the city you’re visiting. Finally, don’t forget to visit our website often to not miss blog articles that might interest you!


In our gallery, you can find pictures of scenic viewpoints listed on our map, to help users decide if the view is worth it or if they would prefer another point of view, so they enjoy their activity. Feel free to email us pictures you took at a viewpoint you went to or tag us on Instagram, so our gallery can grow and be more complete!

Rockefeller Center, New York, USA
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Crescent Heights Lookout Point, Calgary, Canada
Coit Tower, San Francisco, USA
Monteliusvägen, Stockholm, Sweden
Alte Brücke (bridge) sidewalk, Frankfurt, Germany