The Best Scenic Viewpoints in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan with of population of around 222,000 people, compared Regina, the capital city, with around 193,000 inhabitants. Due to its low population, Saskatoon is not the city with the highest number of buildings, with only four buildings over the 50 meters (164 feet) mark. Although it does not have many buildings, Saskatoon still has the highest building in Saskatchewan, Nutrien Tower, so the skyline is definitely worth seeing if you’re from the area or if you are passing by the city. To help visitors and inhabitants find the best spot to enjoy the picturesque skyline of the city, we’ve made a list of the best scenic viewpoints in Saskatoon.

Rotary Park

Located at a 10-minute walk from downtown Saskatoon, Rotary Park offers a beautiful view of Saskatoon’s skyline, as it contains a big green space without many trees. The park is also next to the South Saskatchewan River, so it provides a clear view of the buildings, some bridges and obviously the river. Therefore, it’s a great spot for those who want to relax while enjoying a scenic view.

Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge

Built in 1965, Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge is a bridge that carries the highway 11 and is located at about a 3-minute drive from downtown Saskatoon. As an highway passes on the bridge, it’s probably not the best place for people looking for a nice quiet scenic lookout, but it is an interesting place for photographers. In fact, the bridge’s pedestrian walkways provide a great view of Saskatoon’s cityscape and the South Saskatchewan River so photographers could easily get good shots of the city while crossing the bridge.

University Bridge

University Bridge is the oldest vehicular bridge in Saskatoon. Located at about a 4-minute drive from the city centre, the bridge is one of the best places to take pictures of Saskatoon’s skyline. At his height and due to the lenght of the South Saskatchewan River, people can clearly see most of Saskatoon’s buildings, while also having the river and other bridges such as Broadway Bridge in the picture. Therefore, we recommend visitors to cross the bridge on the pedestrian lane while taking photos of the amazing view offered by the bridge’s lookout spot.

University Bridge, Saskatoon

Meewasin Trail

The Meewasin Trail is, in our opinion, the best spot to view the city from its best angle and capture amazing pictures. The trail goes in an out of Saskatoon, one both sides of the South Saskatchewan River. While every part of the trail is interesting, we believe the best spots on the trail to view Saskatoon are on the opposite side of the river from downtown, especially near this point. By going near this spot, you’ll have the opportunity to walk or sit on benches while appreciating the skyline of the city, University Bridge and the South Saskatchewan River. In the winter, you can even see the sun set on Saskatoon’s skyline from the trail.

View from a lookout spot on the Meewasin Trail


While Saskatoon’s skyline is not the biggest or more impressive, it is still worth to see it, as it’s one of the only cityscapes in the area and because there is no shortage of nice spots to take great pictures of the landscape offered by the city and its surroundings. Make sure to comment if we’ve missed any great scenic viewpoints in Saskatoon or the area and visit our world’s scenic lookouts map to see more breathtaking spots in your area!