The 4 Best Scenic Viewpoints in Winnipeg

Located in the Canadian Prairies, Winnipeg is the biggest city in Manitoba with around 800 000 people, more than half the population of Manitoba. Being the biggest (and only major city) in Manitoba, Winnipeg surely offers the best skyline in Manitoba, with its tall skyscrapers and buildings.

Due to the city being flat, it can be difficult to find the perfect scenic lookout to enjoy Winnipeg’s beauty. To solve this problem, we’ve put together a list of the best scenic viewpoints you can go to to see Winnipeg from its best angle and have a nice time.

Winnipeg’s Skyline

#4: Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge

The Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge offers a fantastic view of Winnipeg, the Red River and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The 197 meters bridge is one of the best places to take a walk in Manitoba’s capital city as it is for pedestrians only, so you don’t have to worry about cars and the noise they make. Its proximity to downtown and multiple parks also made it one of our top choices to enjoy a scenic view of Winnipeg.

Esplanade Riel Bridge

#3: Tache Promenade

Located on St. Boniface’s side of the Red River, Taché Promenade offers a riverfront walkway and a pedestrian scenic lookout point. From this lookout, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Esplanade Bridge, the Red River and Winnipeg’s cityscape. Although it isn’t on downtown Winnipeg’s side of the Red River, it is still easy to access, as it’s near the Esplanade footbridge and the Provencher bridge.

#2: Westview Park

Westview Park, commonly known as Garbage Hill (because it was built upon a garbage dump), is one of the rare hills in Winnipeg. Located close to the airport and next to a railroad, Westview Park is ranked high on our list because it is the only viewpoint that offers a view of the whole city (due to its height and its distance from downtown). In the winter, the park is also used for toboggan sliding. We believe Westview Park is a great place to enjoy Winnipeg and its surroundings as you take a walk or just enjoy the sunset.

#1: Canadian Museum For Human Rights

Finally, our #1 spot is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. We highly recommend visiting this museum to learn more about human rights and encourage a reflection. Nevertheless, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and its surroundings offer the best lookout spot of Winnipeg. Because it is surrounded by parking spots and green spaces, you can really have a clear view of Winnipeg’s biggest skyscrapers and buildings, such as the Richardson Building. While it might not be the best viewpoint for those who just want to relax and have a nice time, it certainly should be a lookout to consider for those looking to take pictures of Winnipeg’s skyline.

View of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Winnipeg’s skyline


In short, while Winnipeg is, indeed, very flat, its skyline is certainly not something you should pass on, especially with all the breathtaking scenic lookouts mentioned in this article ready for your visit. Hopefully, with this list, your time in Winnipeg and in Manitoba will be amazing. Feel free to send us a message with all your favorite viewpoints in Winnipeg and check out our world map for more amazing lookouts.