The 5 Best Scenic Viewpoints in Willemstad, Curaçao

Curacao, a territory owned by the Netherlands, is a small island in the Caribbean Sea. The island has a population of around 150 000 people. While skyscrapers and tall buildings are not really present on the island, Curacao and its capital, Willemstad, offer a lot of beautiful viewpoints to see and enjoy the colorful buildings of the island. Here’s our top 5:

#5: The Queen Juliana Bridge

The Queen Juliana Bridge is the biggest bridge in Willemstad. With its maximum height of 56 meters (183 feet), the bridge makes it easier for ships and cruise ships to access the narrow harbor of the city. Because of its height, the bridge makes the perfect viewpoint to admire the beauty of Willemstad and the sea. The Queen Juliana Bridge would easily be number one on our list, but because it is only accessible for cars, it can’t be considered the best scenic lookout in Willemstad. We still would absolutely recommend passing at least one time on the bridge to enjoy the view of the island, the sea and downtown Willemstad. If you are a photographer, the bridge is probably one of the only places on the island where you can get a view of all downtown Willemstad on the same shot, so I would definitely recommend sitting on the passenger side while crossing the bridge to take a breathtaking picture of Willemstad.

#4: Fort Nassau

Fort Nassau is a restaurant in Willemstad built in an 18th-century fort. It is located on a small hill near downtown Willemstad. If you want to have a nice time and great food while enjoying a nice view of Willemstad, this is the place you need to go to. From the restaurant, you’ll see downtown Willemstad and the impressive Queen Juliana Bridge. Make sure to visit their website if you want to find information about their menu and their location.

#3: Fort Waakzaamheid

Fort Waakzaamheid is an old fortress built in 1803. While the original building is not in a great condition anymore, it is certainly an interesting place to visit because of its history. The fort and its surroundings (especially the street leading to the fort) offer beautiful views of Willemstad and Curaçao. The scenic viewpoint is ideal for anyone looking to relax and watch the sun set on the sea.

#2: The Queen Emma Bridge

The Queen Emma Bridge is a pedestrian bridge crossing St. Anna Bay in Willemstad, Curacao. The bridge is a hinged bridge and opens regularly to let ships enter the harbor. Its the perfect place to take pictures and enjoy the colorful buildings of downtown Willemstad and observe boats as they enter the harbor. Its proximity to downtown also make this lookout point really interesting, because tourists can easily access their hotel or a great restaurant directly after or before crossing this 167 meters bridge.

#1: Brión Square (Briónplein)

To complete our list, we picked Brión Square and its surroundings as our best viewpoint to see Willemstad and its beautiful buildings. Brión Square is located next to the Queen Emma pedestrian bridge, so even if it is located on the other side of the bay, it is still easy to access it for pedestrians in downtown. Next to the square is De Rouvilleweg street, which sidewalk is really popular for tourists who wants to see and take pictures of the colorful skyline of Willemstad. The area is also full of restaurants and hotels, so tourists can eat and relax while enjoying the view of Willemstad and Curacao.

Bonus: Christoffel Mountain (Christoffelberg)

While Christoffelberg does not offer a view of Willemstad, it still is, in our opinion, the best viewpoint in Curacao. The 372 (1220 feet) meters tall mountain is the highest point on Curaçao. The hike last between 2 to 3 hours depending on where you start and your physical condition, but the breathtaking view at the top makes the hike absolutely worth it. Christoffellberg isn’t just a scenic viewpoint, it also gives you the opportunity to see wildlife and landscapes that you would not normally see in the city. Because of the heat, the park requires that visitors start their climb before 10 AM, so the Christoffelberg hike is the perfect way to start your day and enjoy a great view. Visit the park’s website to see other information.


With its perfect weather all year round, Curacao and Willemstad are the perfect destinations to enjoy a great relaxing vacation. Whenever you’ll be on the island, make sure to check out viewpoints and scenic lookouts listed on our list to make the best out of your trip. Also, to find other viewpoints and lookouts on the island or all around the world and make your vacations more enjoyable, visit our world map.