Gallery disclamer

Our gallery and our website present pictures taken from lookout points featured on our website. Our goal with these pictures is simply to help visitors of our website see if they are satisfied with the view offered by the viewpoint before visiting it. These pictures can come from 3 different places. The majority of these pictures comes from websites like Pixabay, where people can find royalty-free images to use for almost any purpose.

Other pictures might have been taken by Scenic Lookouts team members or have been submitted by visitors who wanted to help making the website more helpful and complete for others.

Therefore, Scenic Lookouts does not claim to own any of the pictures featured on the website and we believe that, if a visitor of this website wanted to use a picture featured on the website for something other than personal use, he should make sure to have the right to do so.

For any other information concerning pictures on our website, to submit pictures, or to ask for a picture to be removed, we invite you to contact us by email where we will be pleased to answer your request.